I may ask pine64 to donate some hardware so that I can work on openSUSE support for those devices.


As an end-user, you can still give a try to this image, just in case it just works, or copy/paste some log from serial in case of problem.






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Subject: Re: Pine64 Rockpro64 OpenSuse build available?


Hi   Guillaume,


well i'm no coder, just an end-user.


So I have no clue how to debug.


You can ask Pine64 to send you some hardware so you can support OpenSuse on a 


A ROCKPro64 2GB or 4GB board with
A 12V 5A power supply and
A PCIe to dual SATA adapter


And you post your image here on the Pine64 - RockPro64 - Linux on RockPro64 subforum :




So more qualified linux users can help you out!



Greetings and many thanks!


Op wo 6 jan. 2021 om 12:07 schreef Guillaume Gardet <Guillaume.Gardet@arm.com>:

Could you please test the image from https://en.opensuse.org/HCL:ROCKPro64-RK3399 and report the status here, please?






From: Guillaume Gardet <Guillaume.Gardet@arm.com>
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Subject: RE: Pine64 Rockpro64 OpenSuse build available?




There is no image for the rockpro64 board yet, but if you are ready to test and debug and have a serial cable, we could prepare an image.







From: Hemertje <hemertje@gmail.com>
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Subject: Pine64 Rockpro64 OpenSuse build available?


Hi all,


is there an openSUSE image download available for the Pine64 Rockpro64 SingleBoardComputer?