On 27.11.2011, at 20:17, Tomas Cech wrote:

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 04:53:36PM +0100, Alexander Graf wrote:
Hi guys,

It's time for a small status update. This won't be an extensive list, but at least give you an overview of what has happened since the last time :).

*** We can successfully build ~3500 out of ~4700 Factory packages! ***

I'm still not able to find, where is the right project with armv7l
failing packages, could somebody send link?

This one
(which can be found on http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:ARM) doesn't show
any armv7l packages...

Ah, sorry, I fixed the link on the wiki now :). Basically your portal to any interesting information is at


Unfortunately Factory is updating so fast that we just haven't managed to do a full build of all these shina packages for the last 3 weeks, so packages you see in the download repository are from 3 weeks ago. To fetch the newer builds, just run "osc getbinaries ...". Beware of dragons though :).

If it is worth of effort, I can set up that new Efika MX as OBS worker
(if someone help me - prusnak or miska probably already have
experience with this). I would just disable it when I'm trying to fix
or test something.

Yes, please :). Adrian probably has a pretty clear idea on what's required to get this rolling.

So what is still missing from here? Well, these are the pieces I'm tracking right now:

* Kiwi support (Marcus is on it!)
* Kernel testing and making-it-work [1]

I think/hope that I can help a bit here.

I got the pandaboard kernel reasonably well working now, so if you could tackle the i.MX51 one, I would very much appreciate it :).

* Exception handling [1] keeps us from building Java, keeps us from building most of the other 1200 packages
* hwinfo probably needs some love for ARM
* yast2 could use some love as well :)
* X drivers are probably still missing
* Fixing broken packages, there are still a few that are not broken because of exception handling :)
And with this hopefully too.

There are a couple of generic broken ones thanks to the recent ncurses changes in factory. I'm still puzzled why bash doesn't compile anymore for example - it's definitely related to the curses change.

Then there are a number of packages that complain in thumb mode "swp" instructions. However, swp is not guaranteed by the armv7 architecture anymore, so if there's old thumb code somewhere which gets triggered by our build, you see those swp errors. The easy fix is to just disable thumb for that package. Just check texlive-bin on how that works :).