Thanks for all the messages, looking forward to contributing more.
Once I have more updates I'll post them here or in #opensuse-arm (I'm avicenzi on freenode).



From: Guillaume Gardet <Guillaume.Gardet@arm.com>
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Subject: RE: Boards that I have and plan to test/support

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> From: Alexandre Vicenzi <alexandre.vicenzi@suse.com>
> Sent: 10 February 2021 13:10
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> Subject: Boards that I have and plan to test/support
> Hi,
> I have the following boards around (that are not supported afaik) and I plan to
> test and add support to:
> - NanoPC T4
> - NanoPC T3 Plus
> - NanoPi M4B
> - NanoPi R2S
> - Nvidia Jetson Nano
> T3 Plus is similar to T3, M4B is similar to M4 (no wifi, bt) and M4V2 (more ram),
> some are RK3399 based, Jetson is similar to Xavier.
> I'll start with ARM EFI image, as some have eMMC, M2, one can flash the
> bootloader into the board and use another disc to boot. Nano will probably
> require a custom image, like other Nvidia boards.
> If you have one of these boards and want to help, or if you are already working
> on support for some of these, or if you have any tips/ideas, feel free to contact
> me, so we work together.

Thanks for working to support those boards.
I do not have those boards, but if you need help/guidance, feel free to join #opensuse-arm on IRC for a live chat. :)

Or ask your questions here, on the mailing list.


> Best,
> Alex
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