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Re: [opensuse] 15.1 LXQt - what camera app/picture viewer
Patrick Shanahan composed on 2019-06-11 07:49 (UTC-0400):

Felix Miata composed:

What does a file manager have to do with clicking on an image? Open an
image, click on it and the menus come up, as David says.

Open an image how? I normally open the app I want to use first, then I use
the app
to open the file I want it to act upon, like in DOS in the 1980s when I
learned to
use a PC. Open WordPerfect first, then (re)open the document that needs more
Open 1-2-3 first, then open the template I want to work from, or create new.
Now I
wish to open a picture viewer, then open a picture or picture directory to
thumbs from which to choose to open.

Doesn't Linux have anything like Windows' Irfanview that isn't a

Don't use windows, sorry, no idea what you're talking about.

Irfanview dates back to Windows 95. Xfview seems to be a Gnu clone, but it
in the repos, and its own web site only offers a flatpak.

feh would be somewhat similar to irfanview capability wise but to open a
particular image or directory of images you would
feh <location><image>
feh <location>/*
feh /home/<user>/Pictures/1234.jpg

you referred to dos, it was not pointey-clickey. nor were the earlier
computers, not even a mouse. use the force Luke!

In 1-2-3, where I spent most of my time, there wasn't much typing involved in
getting an existing file opened:

1-open 1-2-3 if not already open
5-F3 (optional)

In WP, the keystrokes were different, but the process worked the same, app
then choose file to work with.

IOW, a file chooser is built into the app, much like how it still works in apps
with a menu bar, e.g. Gimp, LO, SeaMonkey, Irfanview.

Anyway, the thread topic is moot. Laptop is back to its owner, and I still use
Gwenview and Gimp and Quattro Pro (in OS/2 SVGA text mode; with the 1-2-3 menu
structure) and not LXQt.
Evolution as taught in public schools is religion, not science.

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Felix Miata ***

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