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Re: [opensuse] Leap 15.1 Installation Experience
On 06/07/2019 10:25 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
Lew Wolfgang composed on 2019-06-07 10:09 (UTC-0700):

Bottom line:  Upgrade to 15.1 from 15.0 worked when a direct
install of 15.1 failed.  I suspect something is going on with the Nvidia
frame buffer.
You are right. Kernel is busted for FOSS DDX for NVidia hardware:

The 15.1 release kernel works normally. Update kernel 4.12.14-lp151.28.4 does

Ah, I finally read the bug reports and I think I understand what happened.
The nouveau driver in kernel 4.12.14-lp151.28.4 is broken.  This is the kernel
you get after installing 15.1 with network and repositories enabled.  nouveau
must have borked things up to the point where I couldn't load the Nvidia
blob after a nomodeset boot.

But installing and updating 15.0, including the Nvidia repo, works fine.
Then, a DVD upgrade from 15.0 to 15.1 must bypass the nouveau driver,
leaving the new 15.1 with the working Nvidia drivers.  One would hope
that the updated kernel is fixed asap!  This problem would be a complete
show-stopper for Joe Sixpack!

I guess that a full-install of 15.1 with external repositories disabled would
also work.  Once up and running, enable only the Nvidia repo and do a
zypper dup.  Then,  enable the rest of the repositories, and hope for
the best?  I may have a chance to try this if 4.12.14-lp151.28.4 isn't
fixed soon.


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