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[opensuse] firefox has suddenly disabled extensions

I'm running Leap 15.0 and Firefox 60.5.1esr (64-bit) from the standard
repositories. I just returned to my PC and discovered one of my open
Firefox tabs showing a banner at the top saying something about 'Some
add-ons have been disabled'. When I clicked on 'Show legacy extensions'
it listed what seem to be all my extensions, including Feedbro,
NoScript, uBlockOrigin and others.

Now I know FF has been changing the world for add-ons, but
(1) I wouldn't expect to have been doing things normally, then gone to
have my dinner and returned to find an error message popped up meantime
(2) I'm not aware of any recent updates to FF (specifically, I haven't
updated anything for a while - I run manual updates, not automatic)
(3) I thought I'd already been through an exercise of updating or
replacing my add-ons to meet new requirements
(4) If this is something genuine, I would expect some notice to explain
why this has happened at this particular time.

Does anybody know what has occurred or can suggest the best means to
investigate further?

TIA, Dave

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