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Re: [opensuse] Jelly Comb touchpad not working
04.05.2019 8:37, Marc Chamberlin пишет:
On 5/3/19 9:26 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
04.05.2019 0:23, Marc Chamberlin пишет:
Hi -  I recently purchased a cute combo USB/Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad
from Jelly Comb
I do not see any such product on their site.

Thanks Andrei for replying. Yeah their website doesn't look hopeful in
terms of support. I actually bought it from Amazon -

It is not a touchpad. Touchpad is supposed to support absolute position
event, while this looks like mouse with two wheels and additional buttons.

I am not even sure whether this refers to your touchpad or some other
mouse emulation on this keyboard.

Does cursor respond to any strokes?

Well they say if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably
is a duck...

So applying that logic, I would say it looks like a touchpad, but I
dunno whether it squawks like one....

No the cursor does not respond to any strokes... nor do the left and
right click buttons do anything...

Xorg.log as well as "xinput list --long" would be interesting. Also you
could try evtest to see whether any event is reported by kernel at all.

evtest --grab /dev/input/event13

(device name may change after reboot, check actual numbering).

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