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Re: [opensuse] Paths of DNS Queries
* Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [05-01-19 11:26]:
On 2019-05-01 9:42 a.m., Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

nscd is not in the "official" loop, IMHO, so instead it puts itself in
the middle intercepting some library calls and giving an answer
without the library reaching its designed goal of reading the hosts
file or querying a DNS.

It is the resolver library that asks nscd. It's perfectly "official".
nscd listens on /var/run/nscd/socket.

That makes, sense, sort of.
It clears up HOW to communicate with nscd.
But where do we get the reference to use /var/run/nscd/socket?

I understand listening on localhost:53
Its a 'well known' address.
I can even grok listening on *:53 when I'm in a generous mood.
But something has to refer to /var/run/nscd/socket
As opposed to some other socket
In order to talk to nscd via that oscket they have to have found the address
/var/run/nscd/socket somewhere. So WHERE?

# find /var -type s -print

things change :)

find /run -type s -print |grep nscd

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