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Re: [opensuse] migrate from photoshop to darktable?
On 2019-03-15 7:08 p.m., Felix Miata wrote:
Are they functional equivalents?

In the broadest sense, yes.
In details, no.
I'm not sure learning one will amount to easily' transportable skills' to the

If yes, does DT have anything to facilitate migration?

Not that I know of, but some aggressive and creative googling might uncover

It depends, I suppose, on how good you are at abstraction.
I got a book on doing colour->B&W transformation and tuning for PS.
The commands, the control sliders illustrated were different from the ones I use
in DT, but it was not difficult for me to do the mental transposition.
It will, I suppose, depend on what you do.
A 'PS for Dummies" or similar will be of absolutely no use for DT.

DT is extremely well documented, and there is an active mailing list, but lets
face it: this is a very complicated piece of software and the learning curve for
either of them goes a long long way up.

Besides Anton, do any of the regulars here routinely use it?

I've never tried DT or PS. I have been dabbling with Gimp for years, but
haven't really learned much other than cropping and scaling.

GIMP is about layers. Ultimately it is a pixel editor.
Photoshop is about layers. Ultimately it is a pixel editor.
DT isn't.
DT, and to a large degree lightroom (and a few others), are PHOTO EDITORS.
You might say they are "photographer's tools" rather than "graphic designer's
tools". While you can repair faulty bits, that's not the intent. They are
concerned with things like dynamic range, white balance and more, things
specific to PHOTOS and cameras and lenses.

This isn't about me. It's for my sister, whose lifeblood depends on income
from her photographic magic. [...]

He has her on a Macbook Retina running Win7 (whether VM or multiboot I'm not
sure, but I think VM) to do roughly half of her work via remote to a PC
running Win7. She's also Quickbooks dependent.

IIR there is a DT native for the MAC as well as Windows.
Given she's got W7 I don't know ...
There are reports that the current version, 2.6 series and later, has serious
problem on Win7 but is OK on Win10.
I'd go for native on the MAC.
IIR MAC graphics is pretty good.
And DT for the MAC has the heritage of the open environment/unix-like and was
co-developed with the Linux implementation. The Windows version seems to be an
afterthought to appease the windows weebies who are scared of Linux and can't
afford a MAC. I feel there is not a great deal of commitment behind the Windows

By all reports the MAC version is a bit more slick than the Linux version.
After all, the MAC comes with pretty damn good graphics capability as a
baseline. I'd love to be able to afford one of the powerful gaming-glass
water-cooled graphics boards and a large wide-screen.

Unlike GIMP DT does not have tear-off controls. That's my greatest complaint
about it. My 19" screen is good in full-screen mode and I'd use my old 15" flat
panel for the controls if DT could do that.

Most storage is between the PC and her son's big RAID on Leap. Sooner or
later Win7 is going to have to go. It seems like migrating off Photoshop
before migrating off Win7 might make her life less difficult, and might be
something I can help her with.

Any comment or suggestions?

Behind all the Linux photo editors is 'dcraw'.
That's where the info about cameras is made available to the application
programs like DT, rawtherapee, ufraw, dcraw, gphoto2.

You might also take a look at 'lightzone' which is written in Java.
It too is a complex program but has a different UI and might be more

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