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[opensuse] migrate from photoshop to darktable?
Are they functional equivalents?

If yes, does DT have anything to facilitate migration?

Besides Anton, do any of the regulars here routinely use it?

I've never tried DT or PS. I have been dabbling with Gimp for years, but
haven't really learned
much other than cropping and scaling.

This isn't about me. It's for my sister, whose lifeblood depends on income from
her photographic
magic. Her oldest son has been her admin since I boosted his computing interest
while he was in his
teens, but he's apparently been less supportive since he passed 30 and started
spending half his
time out of house, town, state or country.

He has her on a Macbook Retina running Win7 (whether VM or multiboot I'm not
sure, but I think VM)
to do roughly half of her work via remote to a PC running Win7. She's also
Quickbooks dependent.
Most storage is between the PC and her son's big RAID on Leap. Sooner or later
Win7 is going to
have to go. It seems like migrating off Photoshop before migrating off Win7
might make her life
less difficult, and might be something I can help her with.

Any comment or suggestions?
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