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Re: [opensuse] Zypper and restart?
Anton Aylward composed on 2019-03-15 11:40 (UTC-0400):

I'm using curl to download a kernel RPM.
I've had to restart it three times now and curl seems good at doing the
restart :-)

BUT ...

I'll need to verify the integrity of the RPM, won't I?

Hmm "rpm --verify ..." doesn't seem to verify the integrity of single RPM by
itself, only with reference to what it is when installed.
Or, if you will, verifying that what is installed has not been corrupted by
comparing it with the original RPM.

I've been using wget for large downloads for well over two decades, since long
before switching
from POTS to broadband, in part to preserve the server's timestamps, but also
to handle random
needs to restart after broken internet connectivity. I quit routine
verification not terribly long

All my TW kernels, most other openSUSE kernels and occasionally other large
files, such as
kernel-firmware, are downloaded to LAN server as they become discovered.
Subsequently TW's get
installed with RPM through an NFS connection. With Leap I copy new kernels to
/var/cache/zypp/packages/*, usually update/*, where zypper automatically
notices their presence,
then answer y to "remove lock" when zypper is asked to install. A nice side
effect is a bank on the
local server of previous kernel rpms otherwise unavailable for rough bisections.
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