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Re: [opensuse] using old cell phone as a server
On 04/03/2019 01.23, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 2019-03-03 6:20 p.m., Carlos E. R. wrote:
But it is not openSUSE. It is a fake Linux. I can not run YaST and
install my packages.

No, its a real version of Linux.

It is not. It doesn't run text mode. It doesn't run an X server. I can
not ssh to it.

What packages do you need to install?
Some server or other?
It might be available for Android anyway.

mldonkey, for instance.

full kodi, with certain proprietary addon.

Programs of my own done in Lazarus.

The CLI program that accesses my power strip.



Also, phones do not have 3 full USB3 connectors to connect 3 external
huge hard disks at full speed. Nor does it have an Ethernet connector.

I'm not sure why you're hung up about only USING openSUSE.
I know it is now available for the Pi, but it wasn't always.
And many of us consider YaST to be somewhat of a mixed blessing, a "curate's
egg" of management tools. Having had to use Windows management tools, I'll
grant you I'd rather choose YaST if you force me to use a GUI on threat of
painful death, but I'm quite comfortable with CLI administration of Linux and
that too is an option for Android.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 15.0 x86_64 at Telcontar)

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