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Re: [opensuse] using old IDE laptop
On 01/03/2019 21.36, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [03-01-19 15:09]:
On 01/03/2019 13.40, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [03-01-19 07:14]:
On 01/03/2019 12.57, jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Le 01/03/2019 à 10:25, Carlos E. R. a écrit :

You know what I think about TW... if I say here that again we get a
flame war :-p

it works pretty well on old machines. else debian...

No doubt.

But I'm not prepared to be doing shiny new updates every other day, nor
to invest in learning another distro ropes.

you don't have, unless you want to. and it is a big learning curve, using
dup insead of up. that said, being capable of running and maintaining
Tumbleweed means you are also capable of the same with the Leap versions.
it is a choice which presents a solution to your particular condition.

About learning: I was referring to learning Debian.

ps: by maligning the solution you also malign the person posing it.

Why do you say that I'm maligning the solution? You are assuming an
intention I do not have.

your words: "You know what I think about TW... if I say here that
again we get a flame war :-p"

There is a smiley there.

I simply state my case. *Me* does not want to be updating frequently,
nor to use brand new versions. And the machine being a server that faces
internet, updates are mandatory.

no, updates are not mandatory, but you have been told that several times.
security updates are strongly suggested but that applies for any and all
versions of any distro.

/I/ consider them mandatory. As the update repo is not normally used,
there is no automatic way to know which are really important or security
related. So I do all.

So my choice is Leap. I can choose, right?

most certainly. also you didn't indicate that the move was not a
consideration until now and much after your comment.

And it just happens that Leap doesn't have a 32 bit version. It is just
a fact, I'm not blaming anyone, not even criticizing.

then just say that you do not want to move from Leap

Words words...

So that's the end, the machine goes to the museum, and me bought a new

and that is your choice but not the only possibility available.

For me and my circumstances, it is the only one.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 15.0 x86_64 at Telcontar)

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