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Re: [opensuse] Re: wrong topic: Re: Hard division inode/data is an anachronism
On 12/11/2018 16:23, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 11/11/18 11:21 PM, L A Walsh wrote:

So sorry, I mentioned 'inodes', I should have said 'meta-data'.
Could you please clarify how that is different?

Er, no, hang on.

Metadata is a general term. Even the simplest filesystems still around,
e.g. FAT16, still have at least some rudimentary metadata -- in the case
of FAT, whether a file is hidden, system, read-only or a volume label.

More sophisticated filesystems have more or richer metadata.

The "i-node" is a Unix concept and relates to the way _Unix_ and
Unix-style filesystems are organized, which in turn is connected with
the C programming language and C storage.

I lack enough low-level knowledge of Unix filesystems to make much in
the way of general comments, but inodes != metadata, and metadata !=

In Unix FSs, inodes _contain_ (some of) each file's metadata (not
including, for example, the file's name, of which it may have several.)

Many filesystems do not use inodes at all. ReiserFS doesn't.

Other FSes which AFAIK are _not_ inode based include:
* ADFS (Acorn, notable RISC OS)
* BFS (BeOS, Haiku)
* Apple MFS, HFS, HFS+ (OS X, iOS)
* HPFS (OS/2)
* DEC Files-11
* Amiga FFS

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