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[opensuse] wrong topic: Re: Hard division inode/data is an anachronism
On 11/10/2018 6:42 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 10/11/18 04:10 AM, L A Walsh wrote:
However, the MS case, inodes are kept together in 1 area
and content in another, though in a way that is true for linux as well.

Well, yes ... and no.

Certainly in the days of the UNIX V6 and V7 file system that was the case; and
as I keep complaining, it required preallocation and you could run out of one
before the other.
So sorry, I mentioned 'inodes', I should have said 'meta-data'.

In both the xfs and ntfs cases the meta-info could be containined in a space
roughly equivalent to the inode (ignoring MS's putting them all together in
a control block). Now, (vs. 1980) we have xattrs that also include other
meta data including privileges and permission controls.

The point was that the file permissions generally didn't apply to the metadata and there was (and still is) a *logical* separation.
Where you physically put that isn't so relevant as the policies that mediate access to them.
Please understand this wasn't about the physical location of
inode data, but the separation of meta-data and user-data. To emphasize the
point, xfs has a utility (I think ntfs used to have something similar but it
didn't dump everything), to just dump the meta-data for a partition (and later
allow restoring it) for various uses including backup-media that doesn't store
meta-data -- allowing meta-data to be stored as a separate file.
Sorry for any confusion.

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