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[opensuse] Re: 'mv' a read-only directory doesn't work...why not?
On 11/9/2018 1:16 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:

Thanks for response...I guess I'm unhappy with the inconsistencies and

I don't know.
The way you present it, it is, and I don;t think it is fair to compare Linux
with CygWin.
They both attempt to provide some posix compatibility.

However, the MS case, inodes are kept together in 1 area
and content in another, though in a way that is true for linux as well.

One thing that has never been clear is what permissions apply
to metadata. Clearly things like last access are exempt from a read-only
setting on the file.
In this case, the read-only setting usually associated with the data and it is the settings on the directory that control access
to the file's meta data:
mkdir a; cd a
mkdir dir1
touch file1
chmod 000 dir1 file1
total 0
d--------- 2 law lawgroup 6 Nov 10 00:57 dir1/
---------- 1 law lawgroup 0 Nov 10 00:57 file1

All of the metadata is visible. The ".." entry is not user-created content,
but meta data of the file system to store a back ref to a parent.

I wouldn't automatically believe that such an entry would (or should)
forbid moving the directory.

From an administrative viewpoint, I can see the benefit of the current
behavior, but from an engineer standpoint, explanations of the behavior
seem a bit specious.

But whenever I've faced this on my machines and I've drilled down step by step
I've always found out there was something I was missing, something I was
supposing that wasn't so.
I present it here so someone might point that out to me, since I don't see it .

I can't look over your shoulder for the details; yes AS YOU PRESENT IT it is
That's why I present all of the details here, so you can look
over your own shoulder and see if I am misrepresenting something, should you
be so interested.

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