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Re: [opensuse] apcupsd Configuration

On 09/11/2018 16:40, Per Jessen wrote:
Paul Groves wrote:

Hi everyone

I have 3 servers. Let's call them A B and C
Server A has an APC BR1500GI connected via the APC RJ50 to USB cable.

I wish to set up apcupsd so that when the power goes off, Server A
tells server B and C to shut down. Once they have shut down then
server A should shut down.

So effectively Server A is the 'master' and B/C are 'slaves'

I understand this is possible but I have never had to do this before.
Has anyone got a similar setup?

Yup, sounds much like ours. We monitor three UPS'es (APCs in parallel)
with SNMP. Every machine has a apcupsd client that talks to the
master/server (who talks to the UPS'es).

Ah ok so I am on the right track. That's good. :)

If possible, can you please send me your config so I can see how it is set up?

I also understand that it is possible to have the UPS shut down
automatically after the apcupsd 'master' shuts off and then the UPS
will turn back on automatically when the mains power is restored.

I would have thought the UPS will always come back on when power is

I read that only when shut off by the USB / serial, not when shut off manually by the power button. But I have not tested this yet.

If so this would be ideal because then I can just set the BIOS on the
servers to turn on after power is connected and have everything come
back on automatically too.

Basically, in this scenario, server power should be set to "always on".
Yep exactly.

Although at my old job we had so many servers that used to trip out the ring main so we had to get one of those PSUs that turn on one at a time every couple of seconds. Good times lol

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