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Re: [opensuse] No keyboard backlight since 4.18.x kernels
2018. 09. 13. 12:34 keltezéssel, Oszkó Albert írta:
2018. 09. 13. 12:21 keltezéssel, Rainer Klier írta:
hi all,

Am 12.09.18 um 19:22 schrieb Albert Oszkó:

My problem is in the subject. I even cannot find anymore where ccould I set it. I have two ASUS laptops, from the K501U series, but they are non identical. Keyboard backlight is lost on both of them. The last 4.17.x kernel had/has keyboard light. I waited for updates but with the coming of 4.18.6 kernel the lights are still lost.

me too!!!

i have an asus G750J notebook, and i didn't notice, but for me there is also a change.

in KDE there is no more keyboard backlight control any more in the power settings which i had before.

default seems for my notebook, that the light is on.

as i didn't notice this change, i don't know WHEN it first appeared...

You are right, no control in system settings.  For me it first occurred with kernel 4.18.0

Hi again,

Keyboard lights came back with the most recent upgrade. The slider to control it appeared again between that of display brightness and battery charge status.

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