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Re: [opensuse] Login weirdness
On 09/11/2018 11:20, Carlos E. R. wrote:

I buy new but not the most recent design. This motherboard I bought with
a Quad Core 2 processor, what was a large amount of ram at the time (the
max the board allowed), 8 GB of DDR3. The idea was not top speed, but
data movement. MSI P45 Diamond, MS-7516. Several hard disk sata ports.
December 2009 and still working fine...

I still have such a box, given to me from my local Freegle group about
6y ago. Core 2 Quad Extreme. I ran it as a Hackintosh for several years,
dual-booting Win8 and Linux too.

It is very noisy in use, though, and I rarely use it now.

All my computers I had, had to be replaced because not enough memory.

I haven't really got that far, but the problem with some is that
although I _could_ fit more RAM, large amounts of the old slow types of
RAM that they take would cost too much.

E.g. I had an old Core 2 Duo laptop, a perfectly nice machine, but
upgrading it past 4GB would cost more than it was worth. So I sold it off.

Not that way. It is the memory itself which is fragmented.

Ah, yes, that is an issue, now that modern OSes stay up long enough for
it to become a problem.

Of course, a reboot solves it!

I know it sounds crazy, but I think the proof that the idea works is
that it was introduced as standard in Mac OS X as of version 10.9


Yeah. :-) It's quite standard now.

I have yet to get ZRAM working on openSUSE but it's fairly easy on Ubuntu.

Yes... I want my cake and eat it O:-)

The trick to send it to swap kind of works :-)

OK. I prefer an easier life, myself... ;-)

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