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[opensuse] Re: Qt Creator

Sorry for late reply.

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Subject : [opensuse] Qt Creator
Message-ID : <20181106170413.4a0df427@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date & Time: Tue, 6 Nov 2018 17:04:13 +0000

[Dave] == Dave Howorth <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> has written:

Dave> Does anybody use Qt Creator? I've just installed it on Leap 15.0
Dave> (V4.6.1 from the standard repositories) but I'm having trouble getting
Dave> it to work. I've got the main window coming up and went to the first
Dave> tutorial 'Help: Build and Run Examples' (Grr! another annoying program
Dave> that won't allow me to select text!). Clicking on that brings up a web
Dave> page
Dave> <>
Dave> and that says I should go to an example, but there appear to be no
Dave> examples installed. In that case, it says to check what Qt versions are
Dave> installed and clicking on that link takes me to
Dave> <> and that says
Dave> to 'Select Tools > Options > Kits > Qt Versions > Add' but the Tools
Dave> menu has an Options... button and when I select that I get (a modal
Dave> WTF!) window with lots of possibilities but none of them is Kits.

Dave> Oh, and those weblinks are to Qt Creator Manual 4.7.2 so there's a
Dave> possibility that the documentation is wrong because it's a different
Dave> version.

Dave> So what am I missing? Has openSUSE packaged it wrong so I'm missing
Dave> some package or other, or is there a bug in Qt Creator, or do I have
Dave> finger trouble?

I'm using qtcreator 4.7.2, but, sorry, it's hard to understand what
you mean.

Qtcreator's GUI is good, I think. I attach the screen shot of my
qtcreator for you. Perhaps, you could image the operation method of

Anyway, please install qtcreator 4.7.2;

1. compile the source code

or, more easily

2. add the repository;

to Yast2, then download & install all the qtcreator's files.

Sorry!! > Carlos <-- Just an official pacckage only user.

Good luck.

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