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Re: [opensuse] display managers, startx
On 05/11/2018 13.28, Michael Fischer wrote:
On Mon, Nov 05, Carlos E. R. wrote:


Thank you for the explanation and "demonstration". Heh, I've always (since
SuSE 6.0, I think) made adding myself to various groups, e.g. audio, a
part of the routine anytime I installed. And more recently, of course,
setting the perms on X. The above sort of explains why no one else ever
mentions doing these things in the past few years.

Welcome :-)

Yes, I remember having to add my user to a number of groups so that
things would work, and people asking about "I can't open the cdrom!" :-)

The current idea is to use startx only for debugging some problems, like
nvidia driver issues, not for normal usage because not everything will
work out of the box.

Possibly startx could be updated to do things better, but nobody has
done so.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from openSUSE 15.0 (Legolas))

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