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Re: [opensuse] display managers, startx
On 11/4/18 6:17 PM, Michael Fischer wrote:
2) I have various xset, xrdb and other commands in my ~/.xinitrc prior to
the exec of the windowmanager. In the display manager scenario, are these
still run? If not, what is the recommended way to have them executed?

I wonder if this is the right idea?

and moving the commands from ~/.xinitrc to ~/.xsession? I suppose the
exact spot is DM-dependent?

FWIW, I use fvwm2, specified in ~/.xinitrc:

export WINDOMANAGER=/usr/bin/fvwm
various xset, xrdb, etc.. commands
exec $WINDOWMANAGER ${1+"$@"}

I'm using openbox since many years. I'm having the following in
my .xinitrc right before the final exec:

sleep 3 # allow openbox to start before the following.
xsetroot -solid black
gkrellm -w &
root-tail -g 1000x400+100+50 -font fixed /var/log/firewall,red,'ALERT '
/var/log/messages,green &
setxkbmap -layout us,de -variant ,nodeadkeys -option
) &

Have a nice day,

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