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Re: [opensuse] no X after switch to EFI boot / NVIDIA

W dniu 03.11.2018 o 15:47, Paul Neuwirth pisze:

If you did some updates before the problem, try to undo them.

I try not to never update the nvidia drivers since the system install

finally resolved it, by completely installing any video driver.. then
installed the recent nvidia driver again.. there was a long postinstall
script which was not executed when just updating or switching version..

thank you

Thanks for the hint. I had seemingly unrelated problem. After last
update my Xorg was working, but llvmpipe was used instead of hardware

Reinstalling Mesa, xorg-server and nvidia packages fixed the issue.

Snapper diff shows two new files created:


They don't belong to any rpm package, so they must be created by some
rpm post scripts.

Adam Mizerski

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