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Re: [opensuse] Epson L805 , anybody?
On 1/11/18 12:37 am, Radule Šoškić wrote:

Any experiences with Epson L805 on this list?

Compatibility, qualty, economy - pro et contra, please.

Currently, I know there is some level of support for Linux (generic
driver and utility SW available at It's
all very new (25.10.2018).

It seems that CISS/ITS technology takes economy to next level comparing
to older ink-jets and lasers, and that's what attracted me. But I would
like to get some real-life comments from real users, if any.

TIA and best regards,

Radule Soskic

I cannot offer a review of this Epson L805 but can say that the idea of
it not using cartridges is not a new idea at all.

Back in 2003 a friend (now unfortunately deceased) bought the Epson
2000P to be able to print A3 photos but the idea of replacing cartridges
did not appeal to him so he bought (from some company in the U.S.) what
basically has now been incorporated into the L805: a set of containers
containing the various dyes and connected to the printer via tubing; the
container(s) were topped up as needed from bottles in the same way as
shown for the L805. Naturally, it was cheaper "to run" using refillable
containers than using cartrdiges. Because my friend died from a
heartattack 2 years later I cannot comment on what the maintenance
was/is on the containers which replaced the cartridges (at least with a
cartridge you can easily replace it should the nozzle get clogged or
whatever -- you know what I mean).

(I, myself, have an Epson XP960 and think that it is the 'ants' pants'
-- but only use it as a printer and nothing else (I have a separate
scanner, also an Epson).)



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