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Re: [opensuse] antique HDs
James Knott composed on 2018-11-02 14:20 (UTC-0400):

Felix Miata wrote:

This would need a pile of those Conner 225 ST-506 interface drives that
I mentioned just now the size of (and a *lot* heavier than) a Space
Shuttle to store an equivalent amount of data.

I still have the 5.8lb ST-506 30ms 1024 cyl 8 hd 17 sect Micropolis 85MB
model 1335 from the
external storage addon for the Altos Xenix 286 where I worked, thinking
someday I'd run across a
controller to match it to try to retrieve the scripts I wrote.

My first hard drive was a 30 MB Seagate ST-238R RLL drive that cost,
with controller, $500 back in the '80s.  I installed it in my XT clone. 
It was a lot faster than 5.25" floppies!  ;-)

That drive & controller had 2 cables, one for controlling the drive and
the other for data.

Like the infamous 20MB CMI[1] HD in the PC AT I had before the Altos. I still
have the two 5.25"
platters (barely over 5.0" actually, roughly 0.5" larger than a DVD) from it.

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