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[opensuse] eric the python IDE
So as I am starting my education in python, something comes up here that tells me I need to know more about how opensuse packages things...

On my bigger laptop in which I am running tumbleweed, I see that eric6 is available from the regular repositories as an official release.

However, in leap 15, only eric5 is available. Eric6 has not yet made it into the official repositories.

On the opensuse package search, I can see that eric6 is available as an "experimental" package (and it is one version higher than the tumbleweed version of eric6 - tumbleweed has released eric6-18.09, but the experimental packages have released eric6-18.10.

There are also 2 "community" packages available for eric6 - one is 18.09 and the other is 18.10.

Then there are also some builds of eric6 that are available from the build service that didn't show up in the package search.

So I am trying to decide what would be better - to download someone's community version they have made available, or the experimental package?

Thoughts out there - what do you all prefer in situations like this? Do you all prefer a community package that a user has put together, or do you prefer something that comes from opensuse? What also would be your reasons for your preference?

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