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Re: [opensuse] Script [CORRECTED] to quickly kill frozen TeamViewer 13
On 08/26/2018 04:00 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Andrei Verovski <andreil1@xxxxxxxxxxx> [08-26-18 08:45]:

Corrected, in same cases only "kill -9" works.

Since TeamViewer 13 freezes endlessly on SuSE Leap 15, and older version of
TW simply don't work, this handy script will kill dead TeamViewer.

kill -9 $(ps aux | grep '[T]eamViewer' | awk '{print $2}')

Save at somewhere as bash script.
I copied it into /bin as, for quick typing 11 -> tab ->
kill -9 $(pidof TeamViewer)

btw, there is also an instance(daemon) owned by root: teamviewerd

Yes, but its a network daemon and it works fine. Only GUI freezes and need to be terminated with kill -9

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