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Re: [opensuse]: David's bouncing email...
On 24/08/18 06:09, Bengt Gördén wrote:
On 2018-08-23 20:46, L A Walsh wrote:
Basil Chupin wrote:
And may I ask a favour of you? :-) Could you adjust your mailer so that when YOU respond to a post it would show at least the DATE of the original message you are replying to? For example, when you responded to Istvan your msg started of as-
     Would be happy to if you also tell me how?

Preferences->Advanced->Config Editor

search for mailnews.reply_header_

Look for mailnews.reply_header_type

You probably have a "1" in mailnews.reply_header_type which corresponds to what you're using now. Change it to "2" and it will be set to mailnews.reply_header_ondateauthorwrote

"I knew that!" :-D.

Thanks for this piece of information -- I just checked my own copy of TB and it is set to "2".

But a couple of other entries in that area caught my eye and being rather paranoid about privacy, after what has been in the news about Facebook and giggle, I was wondering if you, or anyone, know anything about these 2 items in Config Editor:

1.  mailnews.account_central_page.url which has the setting of 'chrome://messenger/content/msgAccountCentral.xul; and

2.  mailnew.messageid_browser.url with the setting of '

The "1" comes from SeaMonkey settings.



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