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[opensuse] Re: nmb warning spam log problem
On 8/24/2018 3:25 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
I noticed that my new laptop had two IPs, one for eth0 (,
another for wlan1 (

Hmm... this can be a sticky wicket. nmbd is responsible for maintaining
the "Browse List" for all hostnames/IP. This is the old windows namelist
type information. The problem being that each computer will keep a copy
of the browse list in memory and will hand it back to your samba server
(or any machine running samba) when the server is rebooted. (this is all
tied to the local browse master settings, etc.. in smb.conf)

So if you host was collected with the wired connection, and then again
with the Wifi connection with different IP's, then I can see how you
would now be logging the confusion. (I think it is actually harmless,
just annoying from the logging standpoint)

The only way to completely refresh the browse list, is to shut down all
computers that could hold a copy and then restart your server (then
bring the other hosts back up) Since nobody will hold a copy of the
browse list -- it will be generated anew.

I don't know of any direct cures for the logging issue, and haven't
looked in a couple of years -- but have had the chatty log issue before.
I would just satisfy yourself that that is what is happening and that it
is harmless and just live with the chatter or turn the logging down.

Sorry no silver bullet.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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