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[opensuse] Re: install leap 15.0 in 10Gb
Anton Aylward wrote:
As in "actually delete the messages marked for deletion".
yes, but many of those messages are on the server.
How do I PURGE the files that were downloaded because of the stupid default
setting? How do I identify them. How do I purge the local copies of the files
corresponding to downloads of messages that are NOT marked for deletion and jsut
have the copies on the server?
Delete the Imap folder on your local machine associated with the account
you want to clean up.

It will recreate indexes, over time...but it shouldn't download the duplicate data.

Yeah, FWIW, there was an ill named item on the same page
that allowed you to recover local space that talked about expiring messages ---
but it applied to the imap account

I had my local account fill up to over 3-6M so many times
when TB3.x first came out with this feature. When I managed to get it
turned off, some update or other would turn it back on and I'd end
up with a huge downloaded copy of my IMAP store into...

you know where they put this on Windows?

Your *roaming profile* folder -- that is downloaded and resynced
(in my case) to the same server!

Over the years I've seen messages to the effect that some things were moved off, but after several attempts to move
to 3.x, THEN finding out that one of my favorite and most used extensions
that shows threading was rewritten for 3.x to only work on messages
you had downoaded locally...I'm still running 2.x.

Takes about 328M total, with my imap mail indices @ 157M, extensions @ 45M
and the threadvis local DB @ 41M being the largest 3.
threadvis shows what a thread looks like and allows you to hover over
the dots of the conversation. Let see if this works ... used to ...

Dunno if it will come t
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