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Re: [opensuse] install leap 15.0 in 10Gb
On 2018-08-25 7:49 a.m., jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Le 25/08/2018 à 13:45, Anton Aylward a écrit :

I wish there was a gentler way.

may be the "repair folder"?


No, I don't think so.
I google for that that does and find

To rebuild a Mozilla Thunderbird folder in which emails
have disappeared or deleted messages are stubbornly still present

The semantic problem we seem to be having here is that I don't want to delete
messages. I want the messages still there but ONLY on my IMAP server.

Now that's fine if I create a new account and make sure that I don't click that
bloody check-box to download messages for the whole account. If I want, I can
set the 'archive' to a local folder and then click on 'archive' to save the
specific and only the specific messages I want, locally.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

What I'm talking about is this stupid default and my historic accounts.
Because of that stupid default most of my accounts have been downloading copies.
Yes, messages I specificity tag for deletion get deleted.
Yes, at my server, 90-day old messages get moved to
But that's a server feature. I can set it to 60 days or 120 days or 10Meg or
50meg or whatever. And that Has NOTHING to do with IMAP or Thunderbird, it if a
supported feature of my ISP.

And hey, my ISP also backs up *all* of, all sub-domains, all
files EVERY DAY. Incrementally. For less than US$100/year.

But those files on server are only ACCESSED by IMAP.
So lets be clear about WHERE the files get deleted.

Using Thunderbird and IMAP I can still explicitly and manually download a local
copy of a message to anywhere on my file system (that I have access), the mark
that message for delete and "compact" that account's folder.
Now you can configure TB to delete messages immaterial or mark them for deletion
when you click on "compact".
Guess how this ties in with the IMAP protocol?

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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