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Re: [opensuse] install leap 15.0 in 10Gb
On 2018-08-25 5:13 a.m., Carlos E. R. wrote:
In my experience, when Thunderbird does a compact operation, it does
save space. Right click on folder, choose compact.

5599325 on
4696026 after compact.

yes it does, but WHAT does it compact?

As I understand it, it compacts the files you have marked for deletion.

If you have saved local files because you mistakenly clicked the check-box when
creating that IMAP account and have a pole of locally saved messages and then
unclick that check-box, it does not seem to remove the locally saved files.

UNLESS you mark the messages for deletion in the account window pane.

Now as I and others have commented the point of IMAp is that you shouldn't have
needed to download the messages in the first place. if you intended them to be
downloaded to a single device then you'd use POP. But if you planned to read
your (remote) mailbox using multiple devices (aka phone/tablet) then you want
them left on the IMAP server. It seems TB can *also* download a *copy*.

As far as I can see, if I compact after marking specific messages for deletion
my remote mailbox, in my case at goes down in size. But
the messages I didn't mark for deletion remain.

What happens is that IMAP has a 'delete' command and TB keeps track of which
messages you've tagged for deletion.

This is all IMAP & remote server.

It does NOTHING for the local storage on my PC.

At this level we are talking about the 'download messages for the whole account
tick-box in TB. It seems to be 'on' by default. turning it off much later
does not seem to do anything for the messages that TB has downloaded to its own

The only thing that does, it seems, is Basil's suggestion that you delete the
whole TB account. POOF! *EVERYTHING* about it has gone. Now recreate and LO!
the messages on the IMAP server are still there! Only now they don't get
downloaded because when you recreated the account you made sure that the
check-box saying to download messages for this account was OFF.

I wish there was a gentler way.

And yes, you can download local copies of specific messages even with IMAP and
then delete them from the server

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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