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Re: [opensuse] Leap-15.0: how to switch to single user mode?
22.08.2018 14:19, Josef Wolf пишет:

if i give the command "telinit s" (on VT1 of course) the screen is blanked and
only a cursor blinks at the top left corder.

If I use CTL-ATL-F1 to switch to VT1 again, I see the last contents of that
VT1. The last command I gave (the "telinit s") just hangs. I'd expect either a
root shell or a prpmopt to type the root password to get a shell.

What gives? How can I switch to single user mode?

Quick test works here, so you will need to provide more details - do you
boot into multi-user or graphical desktop, is graphical desktop active
when you do it, if you boot in graphical, how you access vt1 (in
particular, are you logged in GUI at this point), what DM/DE, are you
using plymouth etc.

If you can reproduce it, you may consider booting with debug shell
(, this may
help in checking what's going on when system appears to hang.

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