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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
On 2018-08-18 9:03 p.m., don fisher wrote:

You mention reading logs. It was a lot easier when /var/log/messages existed,
and the dns-resolver wasn't polluting the world with silly resolve.conf error
messages. One would be fine, but hundreds serve no purpose as far as I know.

Yes, but logs of what?
At the time I was talking about logs to the changes in the kernel, and you won't
find those in /var/log!

I've also mentioned the boot-time logs using the 'dmesg' utility.

The new systemd logger is much better than the the old logging system on a
number of counts.
You need to understand that what went into /var/log/messages. or other files in
/var/log. had more to do with finely tuned config file, perhaps
And THAT is highly configurable and programmable and filterable. Of you want
all the DNS not to be there than configure it as such.

But it is "yes it used to be but we changed all that".
Logging is now part of the systemd suite:
systemd-journald (8) - Journal service
Do not that you have a LOT of control over what gets journalled, how much etc.
And since it is a database rather than a text file is it FFFAST

Rather than wade though the file, it is searchable with systemd-journalctl, and
a very comprehensive set of filters and controls.

It is more powerful and more flexible than the old 'syslog' based logging.

If you insist, and it will slow your system down, you can pipleline the journal
process into rsyslog. Detail are on-line.

But that wasn't the log I was talking about; I was talking about the change logs
between the version of the kernel.
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