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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
On 08/16/2018 08:08 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 2018-08-16 10:29 p.m., don fisher wrote:
I wanted to use the 4.17.2 kernel described as successfully installed previously
in this thread. I was asking for a way to get that kernel, either with a new
zypper repo, or some zypper command to request the previous kernel using the
installed repo described above.

There's an old saying: You Can't Get there from here".

Is there a particular reason you want an out of date kernel?
Have you reviewed the change-log to see if any of the changes affect the things
that matter to you? If they don't then the 18.0 is not different in those
regards to the 17.12, or perhaps the changes are in areas (shc as network
scehduing or buffer length or things like that) which have nothing to do with
your issues.

One of the rubrics of Linux is "check the logs".

The Kernel_Stable is just that. It is not the Historic_kernels repository.
Such may exist but my historic kernels exist in my /boot.
# ls -1 /boot/vmlinux-4*-default.gz

I don't know that I could package any of those for your use.

You might try looking at the "discontinued" repos such as

and you might try looking back though the list archives to where others have
asked about now discontinued stuff.

Failing that, you could even download the GIT repository and pull a previous
release and build it

personally I think that pursuing those threads is a waste of time and effort.
Unless and until you've identified (using the changelog) to see if the changes
between 4.17.12 and 4.18 affect what you are concerned with.
If it is, for example, fixes to do with meltdown & Sceptre and the latest this
week iteration of same, then don't worry about it, just accept it.
Oh, and do try:
# zypper se -s kernel-default
I find the results of that .... hilarious!

You find the detail of the changes at
and see if any affect you.

I tried the 4.18.0-1.g6e2c3e0-default kernel and it failed. But the 4.4.140-62-default, part of the 42.3 distribution, runs perfectly. I wanted to start there and install later kernels until I see the failure and isolate the problem that I am experiencing. As I mentioned, there are some things I do not understand about this laptop's hardware. And with a 13" screen it is hard for me to see details in a dump.



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