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[opensuse] Trump tariff, trade war hurting US business, says American boat CEO - Business Insider

"We have found ourselves in the crosshairs of a trade war, one that will drown
out the effects of tax reform and risk our industry's promising future, taking
American workers and consumers down with it," he wrote.

In laying out the threat the trade war poses, Yeargin identified the three ways
that Trump's trade fights are contributing to pain for US manufacturers:

1 Tariffs caused the price of imported parts to increase: Tariffs act as taxes
on imports, which in turn cause the prices of the goods hit with those taxes to
2 The prices of US goods are also increasing due to market distortions: Correct
Craft sources nearly all of the aluminum sheet used in its boats from the US —
more than 90% according to Yeargin — but this has not protected the company from
price increases. As domestic producers have seen foreign prices rise, so too
have US aluminum producers used this new pricing power. According to Yeargin,
the price of domestic aluminum has risen by 20% to 30% due to market distortions
created by the tariffs.
3 Retaliatory tariffs on US exports are hurting American companies that send
goods abroad: Yeargin said that retaliatory tariffs on boats by Canada, Mexico,
and the European Union — which represent a large portion of the firm's overseas
sales — will harm sales and "puts the industry's $1.8 billion in recreational
boat and engine exports and the jobs of Americans in jeopardy."

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