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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
On 11/8/18 12:34 pm, don fisher wrote:
On 08/10/2018 02:35 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 2018-08-10 5:15 p.m., don fisher wrote:

The only files I deleted were in /boot/ and the /lib/modules that were specific
to the kernel.

Yes, that I read, that's what I believed.
That's what you did wrong.
That's what got you out of sync with the RPM database.
That's not the way to 'uninstall' things.

Maybe we should take this discussion private so as not to burden the list. I do not understand the significance of staying in sync with the RPM database. And where does this database live?

I was trying to address a problem I ended up having trying do add later version kernels. I plan research this further on my own. Nobody has explained why deleting the old kernel files should cause the problems I experienced.

Reason why you don't delete and earlier version of the kernel is that it is needed to boot your system should the newly installed kernel causes you problems.

Look at the grub menu when you boot your computer and see the grub menu -- you will see that you are given the chance to boot the system using the "Advanced options for openSUSE <version>" option. Using this option will boot openSUSE using the just-replaced-by-the-new-kernel kernel.

The laptop hardware appears to have a lot of problems. There are only two USB ports with an additional pair of USB C ports. Adding standard USB devices through a USB to USB C adapter does not appear to be reliable.

The only reason I wanted the later kernel is that the Nouveau list responded that my kernel was not late enough to support the hardware. I will put this problem on hold until I get other aspects of the system working.


You haven't responded to my earlier post suggesting to you to start afresh: format your HD and install whatever version of openSUSE you have -- I think you are able to install 42.3. Do that and then after you have this running we can go then walk you thru on how to install the latest, new, kernel. OK?


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