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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
* don fisher <hdf3@xxxxxxxxxxx> [08-10-18 22:36]:
On 08/10/2018 02:35 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 2018-08-10 5:15 p.m., don fisher wrote:

The only files I deleted were in /boot/ and the /lib/modules that
were specific to the kernel.

Yes, that I read, that's what I believed.
That's what you did wrong.
That's what got you out of sync with the RPM database.
That's not the way to 'uninstall' things.

Maybe we should take this discussion private so as not to burden the
list. I do not understand the significance of staying in sync with the
RPM database. And where does this database live?

The rpm database keeps track of your installed apps, where and what
versions and how to remove them and what they depend on and ...

man rpm

I was trying to address a problem I ended up having trying do add later
version kernels. I plan research this further on my own. Nobody has
explained why deleting the old kernel files should cause the problems I
experienced. The laptop hardware appears to have a lot of problems.
There are only two USB ports with an additional pair of USB C ports.
Adding standard USB devices through a USB to USB C adapter does not
appear to be reliable.

have you bothered to investigate the openSUSE distro package management?

The only reason I wanted the later kernel is that the Nouveau list
responded that my kernel was not late enough to support the hardware. I
will put this problem on hold until I get other aspects of the system

?? Nouveau list ??

telling you about openSUSE packages including nouveau and kernels?

the main differences between the many distros are their package management
methods and how up-to-date their aps and the numbers of apps.

ps: personal replies and not the norm here and may invoke loud exception.

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