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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
On 08/09/2018 06:27 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 2018-08-09 7:25 p.m., don fisher wrote:

With your notes, and the opensuse ref manual section "Installing/Removing
Multiple Kernel Versions with Zypper" I thought I had made progress, but reboot
was still a problem.

I still find broken links in the directory

Could you detail those, please.
"Broken'? Where would they point to that is missing?

Earlier in this thread someone explained how to use 'rpm -qf' to find the
package to which the file belongs. Would you please try accounting for the
package for those links and what their destination would have been.

I'm pretty shure this is a result of you manually deleting files rather than
using zypper to delete the package. It may be that the RPM database thinks the
files that make up a package it know about (aka was installed) are there but
they are not because you manually deleted them. Cleaning that up and then
rerunning MkInitrd/Dracut should elimiante some of your problems.

At some point, however, it may be simpler to wipe it all and start from scratch.
But I suspect you're jinxed.
Some people are.
Contrariwise some people never seem to have any of these problems and can can do
elaborate multi-systems install that dazzle the rest of us.
Then again, you see some amazing skateboarders and skiers, and skaters and then
there are klutzes like me who does great damage to the front of my face whenever
I try.
I'm going to try macramé one day ...

The package is shown by zypper se -s 'kernel*', kernel-default-base-4.17.13-2.1.g9079348, that I installed using zypper:
zypper dist-upgrade --from kernel-std-repo. I think it has nothing to do with me deleting files in other directories. I tried to start over, but as described in another email, the damn Leap 15 DVD install program would not boot. The Leap 42.3 DVD boots without any problems. This can have absolutely nothing to do with my installed system.


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