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Re: [opensuse] kernel versions
* Knurpht-openSUSE <knurpht@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [08-05-18 12:02]:
Op zondag 5 augustus 2018 17:48:25 CEST schreef Patrick Shanahan:
* Rodney Baker <rodney.baker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [08-05-18 09:55]:
On Sunday, 5 August 2018 22:45:40 ACST Knurpht-openSUSE wrote:

How dangerous is it to download on of the kernels from the Opensuse
search site. says the latest stable release is 4.17.12.
search/42.3/community packages, there are a few offerings shown at
revision level. How bad is it to install one of these kernels?


Yes, you can install a newer kernel. From the Kernel repo. But .... that
will mean you have to manually install the NVIDIA blob, and that you
to install the kernel development packages, i.e. NVIDIA, the hard way.
be able to test the 4.17 kernel, you can download a TW live iso, create
USB stick from it, boot it and see if the NICs work.

Whilst that is true, there is nothing difficult about installing the
proprietary drivers manually - you just need to do it before the X server
starts, so boot into single user mode, run the installer and reboot once

it is even easier than that. the reboot after installing the nv driver in
single user mode is not necessary, just "systemctl isolate graphical" and
you will be given the graphical logon screen requesting your password (or

it's even easier than that: You can install the blob with a running desktop,
using the options
Those can be used without issue, since the actual changes to the system only
come to effect after a reboot.

this does not work for me on tw,
ERROR: An NVIDIA kernel module 'nvidia-uvm' appears to already be loaded
in your kernel. ....

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