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Re: [opensuse] Re: default replies in email -- is not forcing someone to do more work...that's why it's a default.
On Thu, 28 Jun 2018 05:56:39 -0700
"L.A. Walsh" <suse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Patrick Shanahan wrote:
so write a filter for your email client that sends her personal
mail when you respond to a post that she might find interesting
enough to read. after all, one would not seek to interrupt her busy
day. for now, I am going to the kitcfhen to get another cup of
coffee. no time for more, but I might see a response the next time
I read the list. but I definitely do not want to read two copies
of the same mail.
I corrected the header in the next email, it's not reply-to,
It's Mail-follow-up to -- and this is a perfect example -- becaue it
was sent to the list and not directly to you -- you missed it.

When I respond to all on your emails, it only goes to lit.
When I response to you, it only goes to you (which it wouldn't if
reply-to was used and set to the list).

Other people, when using reply-to, get the author, and when using
reply-to-all, get the list and the author.

That's normal behavior following RFC's. Some mailers
have a reply-to-list option -- which only sends to the list.

Your mails are setup so that you only get 1 copy. I only see one
outgoing address when I respond to you (whether reply-to (author)
or reply-to-all).

That's why I'm saying -- if someone only wants one -- email can be
configured to, by default only send to one or other (author or list).
It's the choice of the author.

I simply use the normal default -- which would send to both author
and list and ask people to leave me on the distribution line when
responding to me. I ask them to do *less work*. I don't ask them
to add my name, by default, it should already be there with most
mailers unless they've configured it otherwise.

By using email defaults, everyone can be happy -- but you don't seem
to either "get" that or "want it"...why?

You all probably need to look at the headers that are actually there
and then go and look at the explanations on the opensuse website that
since its been discussed so many times before.

FWIW, if you want a private copy sent to you as well, then the onus is
on YOU to set a Reply-To header to yourself to say that. And that
mechanism works. No need to ask others to do anything on your behalf.

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