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Re: [opensuse] Re: default replies in email -- is not forcing someone to do more work...that's why it's a default.

Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 14:56:39 CEST schrieb L.A. Walsh:
That's normal behavior following RFC's. Some mailers
have a reply-to-list option -- which only sends to the list.

Your mails are setup so that you only get 1 copy. I only see one
outgoing address when I respond to you (whether reply-to (author)
or reply-to-all).

That's why I'm saying -- if someone only wants one -- email can be
configured to, by default only send to one or other (author or list).
It's the choice of the author.

I simply use the normal default -- which would send to both author
and list

You assume that "reply to all" is the default ;-)

As you already mentioned, some mailers (I'd say "good mailers", but
let's not start that discussion) have the "reply to list" option.

Using "reply to list" is my default, and also seems to be the default
for lots of other people here.

"Reply to all" means (based on the mail I'm just typing) to send a copy
to your inbox - I've seen you like that, but many people are annoyed by
the superfluous additional mail copy. To make things more interesting,
if someone answers my mail with "reply to all", that mail will already
have me and you in CC, and some answers later, everybody gets a copy
even if our ML server is down ;-))

and ask people to leave me on the distribution line when
responding to me. I ask them to do *less work*. I don't ask them
to add my name, by default, it should already be there with most
mailers unless they've configured it otherwise.

For me it's more work because I have to use an unusual way of answering
("just" pressing another key - but if you remember that after you've
already written half of the reply, it isn't that easy anymore).
Also, if someone answers my mail with "reply to all" it's more work for
me because I have to check and delete the duplicate in my inbox, while
the mailinglist copy goes directly into the folder of the respective

By using email defaults, everyone can be happy -- but you don't seem
to either "get" that or "want it"...why?

See above - for me, your way means more work. I'll avoid the words
"right" or "wrong" ;-) - but nevertheless, I'm thankful for everybody
who uses "reply to list" to avoid superfluous copies in my inbox, and
the majority of people in this discussion seem to share this opinion.


Christian Boltz

PS: non-random signature from 10 years ago about "missing" Reply-To
headers ;-)
We voted and a big majority wanted it this way. So dont blame this on
p.s. Although you can share-blame it on me. I was one of the peepz who
voted for it ;) [Henne Vogelsang in opensuse-factory]

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