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Re: [opensuse] Cups compatibility
On 26/06/18 10:13 AM, Simon Becherer wrote:

Am 26.06.2018 um 15:39 schrieb Darryl Gregorash:
On 2018-06-25 09:02 AM, Simon Becherer wrote:
somewhere between my updates the standard behavior
of cups has also changed:

from sending postscript to sending pdf
Might this be the reason why the Brother driver for my DCP-7040 stopped
working in Leap 15.0? It was working OK in 42.1. Now, CUPS says it has
sent the data to the printer, but there is no response at the printer.

if it is a old network printer its the (missing) version string who cause this
(i have had similar situation sending data, but nothing happends,
but between other opensuse versions)

if your printer did not understand pdf (because its old)
check if there are new ppd out there for the pdf to ps
problem. and/or, as explained from john andersen, try change the
settings to send send raw data

While that's reasonable in one sense, I'm not sure in the greater sense.

I can see it making sense in the case of the (many) PDF documents I have, but
they aren't the only thing I want to print.

My printer groks postscript, heck I paid extra for that, always have since
postscript was taken to be the UNIX/Linux 'standard' for printing. I can see
PDF->PS in the case of documents that are native PDF, but not all.

If I want to print email (which is plain text (or possibly HTML enhanced), a web
page or many other things, then I don't want to go {text,html,ebook}->PDF->PS.
Even if the process isn't lossy it seems wasteful.

I realise that in some applications there is the 'print to file, then save as
.PS' option, but why should I have to go though that manual procedure and then
RAW print the resulting .PS file? Why can't I just send it through a
{text,html,ebook}->PS and then straight to the RAW printer?

Oh, wait, there are some nice pretty-printers for email as well; I recall some
PS based one from the UNIX days ... I wonder what was used? Was it 'enscript'?
Was there a macro package for that? I don't see it bundled now and googling, it
seems that 'enscript' is a encryption program!

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