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Re: [opensuse] Attempting to boot Windows 10 from an external disk
Carlos E. R. composed on 2018-06-25 13:16 (UTC+0200):

I got a small Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR laptop, that came with Windows 10
installed on a rotating rust 500GB hard disk. After two days of playing
with it, I removed the original internal hard disk and replaced it with
a 250 GB SSD and installed openSUSE 15.0 on it, which is working fine.

The original hard disk I placed on an USB 3 enclosure for extra storage,
and possibly to boot Windows if needed.

Alas, W10 does not boot. It tries to, I see the rotating dots patterns
characteristic of Windows, then it stops and boots Linux instead. I
don't think it is a license issue, it would say so.

It is not that important to boot Windows, but as I have it, it would be
nice to have double boot. There is one setting that I apparently can
only adjust on Windows, the battery charge limit.


I would never expect Windows to adapt to being moved to a different bus type
(USB from SATA). What I think would stand a chance is eSATA, if a laptop has
such a port, if that port is driven by the same I/O chip (same ATA bus) as the
internal storage.
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