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Re: [opensuse] Network manager does not restore same connection
On 06/24/2018 08:49 AM, James Knott wrote:
Booting from the network has been around at
least as long as bootp.

An example.  About 40 years ago, I started maintaining Collins 8500C
computers.  With these computers, you could do an IPL from a disk or
tape drive out on the LAN.  Even a card reader could be used if needed. 
There was no internal drive to boot from.  It also used core memory, so
you could turn the computer off and restart the software after you
powered up.  Also, this LAN predated both IP and Ethernet.  It used Time
Division Multiplexing (TDM) over the network, instead of packets or
frames as used with IP & Ethernet.  Devices were assigned a time slot to
transmit in and received on whatever time slot the data came in on. 
This was coordinated via an "order wire" that had it's own time slot and
was received by all devices.  The order wire was sort of the broadcast
or multicast of the day.

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