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[opensuse] Re: Can't make Libre Office Base work
On 2018-06-23 07:42, David C. Rankin wrote:
On 06/22/2018 05:50 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
This is how it displays in Rekall - correctly:


There was a standalone tool that became part of mysql-workbench that did a
wonderful job before everything was wrapped up in the current mysql-workbench
package (it's in OSS)

My only objection to the current package is that it has ballooned from a
simple few hundred K viewer/editor to 134M of ??

I have 42.3 on a platter drive as well where storage isn't as critical. I'll
give it a try when I get a chance. rekall is no lightweight (5M+ for recall
and 21M+ for the inexplicable mandatory dependency of rekall-examples...)

Recall is perfect for my needs, although I have the feeling that the
current incarnation in 42.3 has lost features. The problem is, it is for
KDE3, and it doesn't exist a package for 15.0.

So I have to migrate the tool before I upgrade the machine.

mysql-workbench I don't remember, I don't have it installed, apparently.


mysql-workbench - A MySQL visual database modeling, administration and
querying tool 87 MB

libvsqlitepp3 - Well designed C++ sqlite 3.x wrapper library 200K

proj - Cartographic projection software 5M

The last two are automatic, by deps. Why "proj" I have no idea at all.

proj - Cartographic projection software

This package offers the commandline tools for performing respective
forward and inverse transformation of cartographic data to or from
cartesian data with a wide range of selectable projection functions.

Tabooing it blocks installation of mysql-workbench, go figure.

Running mysql-workbench warns "unsuported operating system"

When I create a connection it says the server protocol (10.0.34) is not
compatible, some features will not work. I say Ok, then it crashes:

(mysql-workbench-bin:6603): glibmm-ERROR **:
unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
what: error calling Python module function WbAdmin.autoDetectLocalInstance

If I reuse an old connection for root (apparently I tried it years ago,
the config must still be there) it connects.

It displays:

Title Author
Nightfall 1
A taste for death 5

It does not display the linked table value for authors, instead displays
the index number.

How do I tell it that the field Autor is a number that must be searched
in the table Autores, find the corresponding string, and display the
string, not the number? Not only that, but if I create a new book entry
it must display a droplist allowing me to choose the autor by name, not
by number. A read-write linked table view.

All this is done by rekall without a single line of code. I don't speak sql.

Apparently years ago I created a view:

'NightFall', 'Isaac Asimov', 'SciFi'
'A taste for death', 'P.D. James', 'Misterio'

Possibly someone told me what to write, because it is impossible I did
it myself - unless done by some tool that presents a graphic editor then
writes sql behind:

DEFINER = `cer`@`Telcontar.valinor`
VIEW `Biblioteca`.`View1` AS
`Biblioteca`.`Libros`.`Titulo` AS `Titulo`,
`Biblioteca`.`Autores`.`Autor` AS `Autor`,
`Biblioteca`.`Generos`.`Generos` AS `Generos`
LEFT JOIN `Biblioteca`.`Autores` ON
((`Biblioteca`.`Autores`.`Indice` = `Biblioteca`.`Libros`.`Autor`)))
LEFT JOIN `Biblioteca`.`Generos` ON
((`Biblioteca`.`Generos`.`Clave` = `Biblioteca`.`Libros`.`Genero`)))

And yes, I can view those fields correctly, but it does not allow
editing books.

This is no use to me, uninstalling.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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