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Re: [opensuse] firewalld: how to allow these?
On 2018-06-21 15:11, Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

on my small laptop freshly installed with Leap 15.0 I get messages
about blocking what I think are multicast from my router and my

2018-06-21T14:23:38.716460+02:00 Legolas kernel: [103133.028003]
MAC=01:00:5e:00:00:01:f8:8e:85:64:78:f2:08:00 SRC=
DST= LEN=32 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=1 ID=0 DF PROTO=2

protocol 2 is IGMP, so probably from your router.

Yes, is the router.

2018-06-21T14:23:39.335490+02:00 Legolas kernel: [103133.646980]
MAC=01:00:5e:00:00:fb:00:1e:0b:08:4c:cb:08:00 SRC=
DST= LEN=32 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=1 ID=27960 PROTO=2 is used by mDNS, I believe. I think this might be your
printer saying "I want to use mDNS", but I don't know IGMP very well.

Yes, could be that.

The setting in SuSEfirewal2 is this:

# Type: string(yes,no)
# Suppress logging of dropped broadcast packets. Useful if you don't allow
# broadcasts on a LAN interface.
# This affects both broadcast and multicast packets for both IPv4 and IPv6
# This setting only affects packets that are not allowed according
# Format: either
# - "yes" or "no"
# - list of udp destination ports
# Examples: - "631 137" silently drop broadcast packets on port 631 and 137
# - "yes" do not log dropped broadcast packets
# - "no" log all dropped broadcast packets
# defaults to "yes"

So they are simply not logged.

The setting to allow bcast or not is this:

#CER: allow samba broadcasts
FW_ALLOW_FW_BROADCAST_EXT="netbios-ns netbios-dgm"

On my computers running 42.3 I don't see similar messages, but also I
don't specificall open anything mentioning "224...".

Run a tcpdump, you'll see the same. Maybe the susefirewall opens for
those by default?

I'm not familiar at all with the new firewalld, so I don't know what I
should open. Or not.

What to open is a matter for you to decide :-)
How to open - I guess that is covered in the firewalld gui ?

That GUI is quite difficult to understand.

But I see a service named "mdns". I'll try. [...] Nope, no result.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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