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Re: [opensuse] zypper/yast vs. other package managers (was: Philosophical question?)
On 15/06/18 19:57, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Liam Proven <lproven@xxxxxxx> [06-15-18 12:58]:

I think that is suboptimal. Is that wrong of me?

yes, since you do have control of the option. do you do everything
everyone tells you?

When I'm learning a new piece of software, *yes!*

I do not like it that the packaging tool says "there are 42 other
updates available that I won't install". That worries me.

but YOU have configured it to do that. you are only worried about a
choice you already made.

No I didn't. I did what I was told. Nobody told me to do anything else.

However, my choices are to either do them individually -- bad -- or to
change a config file and make a permanent change or remember to revert
it manually -- also bad.

you either want control or you don't. but YOU have a choice.

It's not all about choice, you know.

Ubuntu got to be the world's most popular distro because it simplified
things. Download ISO; burn CD; install; enter your name → working system.

There are 1,001 text editors on Linux. I don't know what is the best. I
prefer for an expert who knows this to choose for me.

So, for instance, with original GNOME 2 Ubuntu, I got given Gedit and it

Fine. Job done. Don't pester me with stuff I don't *need* to answer.
Distro maintainers know more than me, so they should make a sensible
choice for me. E.g. "if you're using GNOME 2 then use the GNOME 2 text
editor. But, don't use the GNOME 2 web browser, because it's really
niche and not widely-supported. Use Firefox."

This doesn't stop me choosing my own later if I so decide.

It makes entry welcoming for me, because it helps me, without
restricting me. It doesn't stop me doing anything.

Now, sure, some users are experienced and want these choices. They know
how to make informed decisions. Fine. Good for them.

Perhaps that is openSUSE's target audience.

But all experts were beginners once...

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