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Re: [opensuse] zypper/yast vs. other package managers (was: Philosophical question?)
On 15/06/18 21:12, Per Jessen wrote:

There's probably not much to do about that - they are supplementary, how
can the system know their priorities?

If the user is doing an update, and the package is newer, install the
newer version.

Subject to a switch or something, not as a global default.

ISTM there's a split here. There is SLE, a very stable enterprise
distro, and there is openSUSE Tumbleweed, a rolling-release distro.

Making the defaults for both the same is perhaps not ideal...?

Yes, I agree. There is always a perfectly reasonable explanation, but
from a pure user perspective, it's illogical.

Thank you. :-)

I get told it won't install upgrades *because* of vendor changes. I
don't care. Just do it. No I do *not* want to go and edit a config
file; I expect a command to do that.

Hmm, isn't that typical of the Linux environment though? If I want to
change something basic, I open a config file with vi. Some
applications also have commands for the same, postfix for instance, but
most haven't.

With a rolling-release distro, updates are a daily task, no?

So if there's a safe default, but one day, it's a small update of only a
dozen packages, easy to check for safety by eye, then a one-off "install
everything" switch would seem useful to me.

This isn't Leap we are talking about, I hope? If it's Tumbleweed, you
asked for it. It is bleeding edge, BYOBA. (I made that up).

Bring Your Own... Bad Attitude? :-)

Generally, on Leap, zypper does not ask me (m)any questions, other
then "are you sure?"

I'm currently using Tumbleweed on my desktop and Leap on my laptop.

But if I tried 4 different XML editors, and I want to remove them all,
in Synaptic I just tick them, say remove, and the job's done.
I can't do that at all in DNF and in YAST each one must be a separate
operation, probably each involving confirming the individual removal
of 20 submodules.

zypper rm ?

What the CLI can do is not very relevant to a comparison of graphical
tools. I could type them all out in full, by hand, yes. I don't want to.
That's one of the *reasons* for a graphical package manager, IMHO.

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