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Re: [opensuse] Philosophical question?
On 06/17/2018 08:34 AM, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:
Could you describe what desktop features were really cool? I do
suspect there's an open-source reimplementation somewhere out there,
so if you can name them I would look for it.

Well, a big one was the extended attributes I mentioned, that could
contain 64 KB of metadata about a file.  You could use the WPS to see
all sorts of details about the file, search on them and so much more. 
The EAs also enabled :"shadows" of objects, instead of copies that you
get with other desktops.  This means you could make a change in one
instance of an object and it would immediately be reflected in every
other instance.  Files "knew" what app created them.  There were lots
and lots of other things that I've long since forgotten.  There has
simply been no other desktop that's anywhere near as capable as the WPS.

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